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On-demand Print Finishing Solutions

  • Perfect Binding Solutions for Soft and Hard Cover Books
  • Lay-flat Coffee Table and Photobook Solutions
  • Book Repairing Solutions
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NEW! Introducing the latest from Fastbind, the new C500™ heavy-duty creaser with new innovations to make large format creasing easier than before.


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Binding Equipments


Heavy Duty Comb Binder - REPRO CB750

Product Overview

This is powerful punching engine and ultimate calendar and booklet maker.


24 selectable punching pins
Max. Punching: 25 sheets of 80g up to 360mm
Binding up to 450 sheets of 80g for combs up to 51mm



Comb Bind - SPC SCB-80

Product Overview

It is very fast and efficient operation and extra-ordinary punching capacity up to 80 sheets of booklet in ±20 second. 

Max. Punching Capacity: 80 sheets (80gm)
Max. Binding Thickness: 450 sheets
Max. Punching Length: 300mm
Max. Binding Length: 300mm


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