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On-demand Print Finishing Solutions

  • Perfect Binding Solutions for Soft and Hard Cover Books
  • Lay-flat Coffee Table and Photobook Solutions
  • Book Repairing Solutions
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Casematic XT represents a new step forward in Fastbind range for on-demand hard cover making. In a short time, you can be producing high-quality books in a wide variety of formats, up to 12˝ x 17˝ portrait or letter landscape.Once the cover is built, you can use a Fastbind binder to bind the content with either perfect binding or free-floating spine (lay-flat).

Fully featured and compact, this table top unit can fit naturally in any environment and cover all short runs and on-demand needs.


  • On-demand case maker
  • Light table with guide line
  • Suction assistance
  • For books up to Ledger+ format


Built-in light table
The unique card board positioning method makes it quicker than ever to register your board on the printed tacking cover: the light table includes a centre line, scaled and top line for the most accurate settings. A suction assistance for placing the tacking paper is controlled by a foot pedal.

Built-in edge folding unit
Fastbind Casematic XT also integrates a user-friendly edge-folding unit, with an adjustable roller gap for an easier operation.

Other applications
The original design of the Fastbind Casematic XT allow not only to create book covers, but any other fully decorated hard cases: CD and DVD boxes, restaurant menus... You just need to change the two spine guides from a 0.3˝ groove to a 0.12˝ one.

Built-in edge folding unit






Max tacking paper size (W x H)

29.5˝x 18.7˝

750 x 476 mm

Max. folding length


700 mm

Max. book finished size

13.9 ˝x 17.9˝ (spine) x 0.8˝

352 x 455 (spine) x 20 mm

Thickness of the cover


8 mm


110–115 V

220–240 V


60 Hz

50 Hz

Max Current

2 A

1 A

Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)

39.4˝ x 30.7˝ x 8.3˝

1000 x 780 x 210 mm

Box dimensions (W x D x H)

42.5˝ x 35˝ x 12.2"

1080 x 890 x 310 mm

Foot print

33.5˝ x 24.4˝

850 x 620 mm

Net/gross weight

95/159 lbs

43/72 kg

Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Corner Cutter
The optional corner cutter allows you to cut the four corners of your cover evenly and accurately.

Side and Back Quide
Side and back guide makes the registration of the cover material easier in an on-demand finishing environment.

Extra Spine Guides
Extra spine guides increase the range of applications to include personalized CD and DVD cases, punch & bind hard covers etc.

Corner cutter