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IDEAL 7228-06 LT

IDEAL 7228-06 LT Guillotine



Electro-mechanical blade drive. Hydraulic clamp drive. Infinitely adjustable clamping pressure (250-2000 kgs)with optical indicators. Snap-in false clamp plate with optical indicator. Spindle guided electro-mechanical backgauge drive for precise positioning (backgauge speed 53 mm/s). Air table on front and rear table. Foot pedal for pre-clamping or cutting line indicator. Optical cutting line indicator with LEDs. Durable stainless steel working surface on front table. Blade made of high quality HSS steel. Swing cut for more cutting precision. Solid steel blade carrier guided on both sides, adjustable. Adjustable blade depth. Set of side tables (left and right) with stainless steel working surface available as an option.


40 programs with up to 36 steps each. Up to 9 repeat measurements can be integrated in one program step. Program runs automatically with electronic cutting monitor (in the program and memory mode). 10-button-keyboard for pre-setting of measurement. 3 memory buttons available for individual measurement setting. Electronic digital display with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. Setfunction key for reference measurement. Electronic hand wheel with infinitely variable speed for fine adjustment of backgauge. Push buttons for fast backgauge movement (forward and reverse). Automatic measuring correction in case of backgauge displacement. Memory key for repeat cuts (manual) and additional automatic memory. Paper eject function with and without program mode (advancing programmable). DELETE and INSERT mode for correcting and modifying programs. Integrated calculator. Self-diagnostic system with error indication on display. Change-over between metric/inch.



  • 720mm cutting length
  • 80mm cutting height
  • 20/90mm narrow cut
  • 720mm table depth
  • programmable EP-backgauge
  • all metal construction
  • automatic clamping system
  • optional air table
  • Dimensions:
    Width: without side tables 1305mm, with side tables 2100mm
    Depth: without side tables 1510mm, with side tables 1600mm
    Height: 1335mm
  • Motor capacity: 1.5 kW
  • Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz / 3ph.
  • Weight: 620 kg