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MTC 4100

Multimedia Teaching Console – ePRO MTC 4100

The Multimedia Teaching Console provides a convenient and practical centralized control system for teaching personnel. It is cost saving and suitable for schools, colleges, educational institutions and universities.
 The Multifunction Teaching Console offers compartments and storage of multimedia teaching equipments such as visualizer, laptop computer, LCD projector, chalk box and other utilities rack. It comes with built-in sound system (amplifier) with goose neck microphone and speakers.

The console is made of steel structure, can be closed after teaching sessions and only accessible (opened) by using a Smart Card System. The high grade steel material offers protection to its multimedia teaching contents in the form of anti-theft, fireproof, anti-static and anti-rust.






Amplifier System

• Audio frequency power enlarger:
• Power input : AC/220V, 50Hz
• Power output : 85w
• Impedance : 8ohm


• Speaker : 6.5 inch x 2
• Frequency Resp : 45Hz - 16KHZ
• Power output : 85W x 2
• Impedance : 8ohm

Central Controlling System

• Power input : 100V - 260V, 50Hz / 60Hz
• Power output : 12V/2A
• 4x2 video frequency matrix cut over
• 4x2 RGB switch and distributor imbedded
• 1 way programm able RS 232 controlling interface
• 2 lines of 1/0 control interface, with alarm function of wire-cut,
• 2 lines of programmable infrarad red emission interface
• Wireless fidelity volume adjust (1 total volume and 1 mic volume)
• 1 line main door examiner, 2 ways alarm system examiner,
• There will be goose neck reading lamp, and CATV controlling functions.
• Fully support Windows9x/2000/XP/NT operations system.
• Smart cards locking control system (with RFID technology)


Size: 1350mm x 700mm x 930mm

Alarm System with smart card flash system

• Built in alarm that is activated to prevent theft


Dual monitor with 17” touch screen and 1 17” LCD monitor screen


• 2 monitor, 1 extension plug, 1 alarm, 1 amplifier, goose microphone, centralised central system