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On-demand Print Finishing Solutions

  • Perfect Binding Solutions for Soft and Hard Cover Books
  • Lay-flat Coffee Table and Photobook Solutions
  • Book Repairing Solutions
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PXL Soft DG Art Enterprise

Dg Foto Enterprize is a perfect solution for all Photo Finishers to multiply their Photofinishing business. It comes as a set of 3 software pack: two designing software's and an organizing software. This solution helps Photo Finishers to target both the major segments of Consumers as well as Photographers in the market.

Krafter : Photo Finishers can now help Photographers design professional albums with better control over designing.

Xpress : Consumers can also be helped in designing Photobooks, cards, calendars, t-shirt, mugs etc. all in a simple 3 step format.

Organizer : Photo Finishers can manage the entire business and control the prints with the help of the Organizer in their hands for their machines.

Product Brochure

DG Foto Express

It is complete software that showcases every Product a Print house needs to offer his consumer. Turn your store into a one-stop shop for every photo product of your valued customers.


Offer Dg Foto Xpress to your customers to Choose, Design and Order stunning photo books, personalizing gifts, posters, calendars, cards and many more in less than a minute. Dg Foto Xpress comes with a bundle of themes like babies, Holidays, wedding etc for creating designer products on click of buttons. It also provides a single click order processing for consumer designs by connecting them directly to your business end. Dg Foto Xpress has it all for the consumers for creating exclusive photo finish products at home, thus motivating them to design more and more products from their photo.

Highlight Features

  • Fast & Easy
  • Stand-alone Software
  • Manage Photos
    • Color Correction
    • Batch Color Correction
    • Red Eye Removal
  • Wizard based designing
    • Select Photobook Type / Size
    • Select Photos
    • Select Photobook Theme (10 Different Photobook Themes)
    • Photobook is designed automatically …
  • Wizard based designing for Calendars, Greetings gifts (Mugs, T Shirt …)
  • Order standard 4x6 , 5x7 prints …
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Orders can be sent by CD/DVD

Registration form filled in by consumers helps to keep complete details of the shipping and billing address for every consumer.

DG Foto Krafter

It is a comprehensive Dg Foto Art product that sports an array of tools for creating personalized digital pages. It is specially suited for the Photographers who wish to provide a professional touch to their album creations.

Dg Foto Krafter is complete stand-alone software, and comes bundled with more than 250 ready-to-use Templates that aid in creating beautiful album pages in less than a minute. Plethora of useful and handy tools like auto color correction, image enhancement modules and huge collection of ready to use masks, clipart and borders make album designing an exciting and creative process. Also design and compose cover pages of style with fast and ease all as defined by you. Get orders of albums with inbuilt online ordering process, aiding them in devoting more time in designing albums than in ordering.

Highlight Features

  • Stand-alone Software
  • More than 250 Ready-to-use Templates
  • Library of Borders, Masks, ClipArt & Background
  • Easy to use Album Creation Wizard
    • Select Album Type
    • Select Album Size
    • Blank Album will be opened in the work area as per configuration set by Print house
  • Advanced Image Editing Module
    • Lasso Cutting
    • Image Enhancement
  • Color Balance
  • Instant Color Tones
  • Maintain Color Profiles …
  • Slide Show Generator for Proofing
  • Smaller Project Size for faster upload
  • Send orders Online using inbuilt ordering module
  • Send order on CD/DVD

Registration form filled in by consumers helps to keep complete details of the shipping and billing address for every consumer.

DG Foto Organizer

It acts as an End-to-End solution that links you with your customers which helps you to define, update, modify and analyze your business from time to time. It helps you adopt strategic approach to manage your orders while you study them to organize your business better.

This unique tool helps you define your product catalogues to your customer's right on their screen and update them as and when required by you. It acts as an intelligent business tool which auto color corrects your projects removing imperfections in them.

Highlight Features

  • Dg Foto Organizer ---- Back Office Application
    • Server Application
      • Products Definition
      • Version Updates --- with Product &/or Price updates
    • Desktop Application
      • Order Receiving via CD/DVD, Internet, or Network
      • Order Conversion to Universal Printable File Format
      • Color Correction
  • Product wise Auto Color Correction
    • Color correction channel setting with “Perfectly Clear” --- most preferred color correction technology
    • Auto Red Eye Correction
    • Print Profile Setting
    • Preselected output file format (including PDF)
    • Preconfigured output folder
  • Orderwise Manual Color correction
    • Solid Manual Color correction
      • Levels
      • Curves
      • Colors
      • Brightness & Contrast
    • Easy key based color correction
    • Batch Color correction Possible