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RISO's highest print speed – an astonishing 180ppm–gets even your biggest job done in a flash. For example, a print run of 10,000 pages takes less than an hour to complete. No matter how big the job, you can rely on the RISO RZ970 printers to take care of it fast.

High-resolution 600dpi scanning and printing is your assurance of beautifully clear output with a truly professional look. Thanks to the fine dot pitch, small typefaces are superbly legible, large curves have smooth outlines, and halftone photos have fine tonal gradations.

RZ 970

The power to get the job done

Ultra high-speed 180 ppm printing

RZ970 digital printers set a new benchmark for high-speed printing. Thanks to 180ppm output, you can print an astonishing 10,000 copies in less than an hour, making short work of even the heaviest print job.

Enhanced cost-efficiency

Falling price per page

With a RISO printer, the longer your print run, the lower the cost per page - unlike a copier where the cost per page is fixed. Since the major cost for any job is the price of the master, the more pages you print the less each one costs, to the point where you're paying little more than the price of the paper and ink.

Ultimate paper-handling convenience

Auto document feeders

Two optional auto document feeders are available. AF-VI:II is a single-side scanning unit that scans at double speed, while DX-I is a dual-side scanning type with quadruple-speed scanning*. Both units have a 50-sheet capacity.

Auto document feeder AF-VI:II

Auto document feeder DX-I

Multi-tray paper feeder

The multi-tray paper feeder unit (standard for RZ977 only) adds two further 1,000-sheet paper trays to the standard 1,000-sheet paper tray. You can load paper of different sizes in each tray for immediate access, or load the same size paper in all three trays for long,uninterrupted print runs.

Auto control stacking tray

The auto control stacking tray (standard for RZ977, option for RZ970) automatically adjusts the stacking fence to match paper size. This means your finished documents will always be neatly aligned with no edges sticking out to get folded or mutilated.

600dpi scanning/printing and more assure superb results

600dpi scanning and printing

Full 600dpi scanning and printing gives beautifully clear output. In particular, very small letters are superbly legible and large curves have ultra-smooth outlines.

HD Black ink and HD masters

Specially developed for the RZ970, RISO HD Black ink and HD masters give a deeper, richer black for an even more professional and pleasing look to documents.


Scanning contrast
Adjusts contrast when scanning documents for best legibility.

Tone curve
Free adjustment of overall tone curve for finer tone gradations.

Dot process
Adjusts dot pitch for clearer, sharper halftone photos.

Contrast adjustment
Allows final adjustment of contrast before making the master.

Print density adjustment
Easy control of total print density for greater legibility.

Riso iQualitySystem
Automatic assurance of optimum print quality, easy monitoring of consumables.

Easy connection

Wide-ranging network compatibility

One-touch USB connection

Built-in USB 2.0 port gives one-touch, high-speed connection to a single computer giving virtually instant access to the ultra high speed RZ970 digital printers.

Adobe PostScript 3 compatibility

Addition of the PS7R-5000 adaptor gives RZ970 digital printers full compatibility with Adobe PostScript 3, the worldwide standard in imaging used by print service providers, publishers, corporations, and government agencies. You can rely on the power of Adobe PostScript 3 to accurately print the most complex, visually rich documents.

The ideal addition to your network

RZ900 series printers are also superbly adapted to use as network printers. Bundled RISO Admin and RISO Monitor software further raise utility, with RISO Admin software providing easy network configuration such as setting the IP address, and RISO Monitor software giving real-time status of remaining volume of consumables, current printer operation status, and more.


RZ 970 Specifications

Master-making/printing methods

High-speed digital master-making/fully automatic stencil printing

Original Type

Book (10kg or less), sheet

Original Size

When using the Stage Glass : 50mm x 90mm - 297mm x 432mm

When using the AF-VI (option) : 100mm x 148mm - 297mm x 432mm

When using the DX-I (option) : 105mm x 128mm - 297mm x 432mm

Original Paper Weight

When using the Stage Glass : 10kg or less

When using the AF-VI (option) : 50g/m 2 - 128g/m 2

When using the DX-I (option) : Single side feeding 40g/m 2 - 128g/m 2 ,
Double side feeding 52g/m 2 - 105g/m 2

Scanning Area

297mm x 432mm

Print Paper Size

When using the Standard Feed Tray : 100mm x 148mm - 320mm x 432mm

When using the Wide Stacking Tray : 100mm x 148mm - 340mm x 555mm

Paper Supply Capacity

When using the Standard Feed Tray : 1000 sheets (64g/m 2 )

Print Paper Weight

When using the Standard Feed Tray : 46g/m 2 - 210g/m 2

Image Processing Mode

Line, Photo (Standard/Portrait/Group), Duo, Pencil


Scanning : 600dpi x 600dpi

Printing : 600dpi x 600dpi

Master-making Time

Approx. 16 seconds (for A4/landscape/100% reproduction ratio)

Printing Area (max.)

291mm x 413mm

Print Reproduction Ratio

Zoom : 50 - 200%
Standard reproduction ratio (enlargement) : 163%, 141%, 122%, 116%
Standard reproduction ratio (reduction) : 87%, 82%, 71%, 61%
Free : Vertical 50% - 200%, Horizontal : 50% - 200%
Margin+ : 90 - 99%

Print Speed

Approx. 60 - 180 pages per minute

Print Position Adjustment

Vertical : ±15mm Horizontal : ±10mm

Ink Supply

Fully automatic (1000 ml per cartridge)

Ink Supply

Fully automatic (approx. 220 sheets per roll)

Master Disposal Capacity

100 sheets

User Interface

LCD touch sensitive panel with Progress Arrow indicators, front-side operation

Power Source

110V - 120V AC, 50Hz/60Hz <7A>
220V - 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz <3A>


When in use : 1405mm(W) x 700mm(D) x 660mm(H) without Stand

When in storage : 775mm(W) x 700(D) x 660mm(H) without Stand


Approx. 115kg without Stand

* Specifications are subject to change without notice. Details may vary depending on the region.