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Friction Paper Folding Machine

A top-selling universal machine. Easy to use and fully designed with memory function up to 36 folding positions.


  • Folding capacity: up to 10,800sheets/hr
  • A size paper handling B7-A3
  • max. sheet size: 297x420mm
  • min. sheet size: 91x128mm
  • Paper weights: up to 160g/m2 (230g/m2 for single fold)
  • Fold plates: 2 - Automatic setting
  • Counter: Four-digit addition/subtraction digital counter (auto repeat)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 520x870×530 mm
  • Weight: 33.5kg

Uchida F-43N Paper Folding Types


Please Note: When Cross folding the paper needs to be passed through the machine twice.


Paper size

B7 (single fold only) to A3

Paper quality

160g/m2(230g/m2 for single fold)

Auto paper size recognition

A3, B4, AA, B5, A5 and B6

Folding speed

Variable speed from 3,300 to 10,080, sheets/hr(single folding of A4 size stock)

Paper stacking capacity

500 sheets (high-quality paper of 64 g/m2)

Fold type

Single, letter, zigzag, double parallel, fold-out, gate and cross fold (paper passes through the machine twice)

Folding position setting

Automatically set


Four-digit addition/subtraction digital counter (auto repeat)

Paper empty detection

Stops automatically with buzzing and displays on jam map

Jam detection

Stops automatically with buzzing and displays on jam map

Paper feed angle adjustment


Completed job notification

Stops automatically with buzzing and dispays

Paper feed system

Automatic by three-roller friction feed system

Paper feed pressure setting

Auto adjustments

Paper ejection system

Conveyed by belts; three steps manually selected on paper ejection roller

Memory function and folding position fine adjustments

36 kinds (six fold types×six paper sizes)


When in operation : 870W × 530D × 520 H mm
When stored : 660 W × 530 D × 520 H mm

NET weight


Power source

110, 120, 220, 230 or 240VAC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption (in case of 230 V/50Hz)

75W (230V/50Hz)