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UCHIDA USF-W Stitch Folder

Booklet Maker (Wire Stitching Type)


Adopting a wire stitch system, USF-W exceptionally reduces its running cost comparing with cartridge staple type. Side and back jogging assures quality booklet making. The stitching speed is highest in this class, which largely improves production efficiency. 
USF-W is designed to link up with AeroCollate or UC-1100 collator electrically.

  • For simple operation 
    Various settings such as number of jogging and the type of bookbinding (saddle stitch, flat stitch or corner stitch) can be easily input from only 4 keys on the operation panel.
  • For easy setting 
    Front stopper, and back jogger positions are independently adjusted by the crank handle easily. Stitching distance can be set easily from 70mm, 140mm or 240mm according to the paper size.
  • For compatibility with various collators 
    USF-W can be electrically linked up with AeroCollate or UC--1100 friction collator so that they communicate each other and stop operation mutually when error occurs at either side. USF-W can also be connected with various other collators.
  • For accuracy 
    The timing to start paper folding and the number of back jogging can be adjusted from the operation panel depending on the paper type, which leads to accurate bookbinding.
  • For beautiful finishing 
    5 flat clinchers are equipped as standard and they finish booklets excellently.




Compact wire stitcher & folder


Saddle stitching & folding, Corner stitching, Side stitching

Number of heads



2,500 sets/hour (when independently run with A4 size)

Stitching type

Squarely flat stitching (5 preset flat clinchers)

Stitching capacity

24 sheets of 80g/m2 offset paper

Wire spool

2 rolls come as standard

Folding capacity

24 sheets of 80g/m2 offset paper

Side jogging

By side guides

Back jogging

By back jogger (adjustable position)

Paper quality

60 to 160g/m2 (210g/m2 for a single cover sheet)

Paper size

Max : 330(W) x 470(L) mm 13.0"(W) x 18.5"(L)
Min : 120(W) x 210(L) mm 4.7"(W) x 8.3"(L)

Stitching pitch

70mm, 140mm and 240mm (2.8", 5.5" and 9.4")

Paper size setting

Manual setting

Error detections

Paper jam, Cover open

Error indication

Paper jam, Cover open, Collator error

Power source

117, 230VAC, 50 or 60Hz

Power consumption




1,350(W) x 550(D) x 980(H) mm

53.1"(W) x 21.7"(D) x 38.6"(H)

Net weight

135Kg (298 lbs.)