Riso ComColor FT5430/5230

Compact, high-speed color printers. The FT5430/5230 has the size and operability to suit a range of office environments.


  • Up to 140 pages per minute
  • Forcejet technology printing system with waterproof, oil based pigment ink
  • Enriched Color Images with 4 color ink (CMYK)
  • Compact
  • Eco Energy printing solution


Product Advantages

Riso ComColor FT5430/5230

The Power of Inkjet. Ultimate Speed and Efficiency.

Inkjet printers require no heat when printing unlike laser printers. The ComColor FT5430/5230 boasts ultra-fast print speed combined with a fast first print time to streamline printing, helping make busy work environments more efficient. Its ultimately low power consumption prevents paper from curling to reduce paper jams. And because output requires no cooling, pages can be sent immediately after printing to any of your optional finishers, vastly reducing production times.



  • Ultra high-speed printing at 140ppm

The amazingly fast print speed of up to 140 ppm in full-color allows ComColor FT 5430 to significantly quicken high-volume print jobs.


Duplex printing shares this efficiency, reaching up to 140 ppm. Thanks to high-precision paper-feed control, ComColor FW5430 prints at the same speed for both simplex and duplex documents to boost productivity. The responsive first print time of only 5 seconds means less waiting for both short print runs and high-volume jobs.



  • The RISO inkjet advantage – FORCEJET technology

RISO’s proprietary technology features in-line Piezo inkjet print heads which make possible single-pass full-color printing without generating heat. Stationary print heads make possible stable, high-quality printing even at high speeds. The simple paper feed mechanism enables printing on various types of paper.


Oil-based pigment ink enables flat, cold, dry output.


Water-based inks are prone to deformation such as rippling and curling.


  • Oil based Pigment Ink

Instant-drying ink complements the high-speed, duplex printing capability. This specially developed, oil-based ink is also fade-resistant and water-resistant, and minimizes paper curling. Stable paper feeding ensures the reliable performance necessary for high-speed printing. Paper-feed speed is intelligently controlled according to how much ink is emitted from the print head. Also, multiple sensors help ensure high levels of reliability.



  • Durability

High-speed, high-volume printing requires a durable body. ComColor FT series is tough enough to print millions of sheets.


  • Multiple paper tray

Two paper-feed trays are easily accessible and hold 500 sheets each while the standard tray handles 1,000 sheets. This equals a paper capacity of 2,000 sheets in a slim body. With the optional high capacity paper tray, the FT series can accommodate up to a total of 4,000 sheets paper capacity


  • Low-cost color printing

ComColor Standard – RISO’s original color profile – accurately controls the amount of ink ejected from the print head depending on document type and media. This maintains image quality and optimizes ink usage, ultimately lowering operating costs. Short print runs can now be performed inexpensively and efficiently in-house.


  • On-demand, full-color printing

White paper solution decreases waste, as it allows printing on-demand as and when required. ComColor FT5430 also supports variable-data printing, eliminating the need for pre-printed stock. Less outsourcing shortens turnaround time and lets you make last minute changes to documents.


  • Intelligent design for flexibility and efficiency

A simple paper-feed mechanism with no heating function supports a wide range of media, from plain paper and envelopes to cards. Paper is less likely to curl as no heat is applied during printing, thereby minimizing paper jams. Operation time can be reduced for long print runs by inserting slip sheets to facilitate sorting, add covers and program printing.


  • Green Printing

The energy-efficient printing process offers smooth, economical operation. Unlike toner-based printers, Comcolor FT series employs an imaging process that eliminates ozone and toner emissions.


  • Designed for simple operation

An easy-to-view touch panel with instantly recognizable color icons makes printer operation simple for anyone. The tilt panel ensures excellent viewing at any angle up to 90 degrees, expanding installation flexibility. Scan preview windows show scanned images before saving data, ensuring less scan failures. For added convenience when printing and copying, frequently used functions can be saved as Favorites.