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Riso Valezus T2100

VALEZUS is a new brand of high-speed ink-jet printers made by Riso for the production-printing market. One of RISO’s commanding strengths is the development of inks optimized for high-speed paper feeding and high-speed printing.

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Riso SF9350

The Riso SF9350 is an important milestone and a masterpiece of its ceaseless innovation. With the fastest speed plus superior operability and print quality, this advanced model ushers you into a higher dimension of printing.

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Duplo Digital Spot UV Coater

The Duplo Digital Spot UV Coater DDC-810 provides the quality of digital embossing you expect from a professional Spot UV printer. By utilising Duplo’s proven feeding technologies and Windows based GUI, setup times are limited and the first sheet printed is sellable.

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Riso ComColor GD 9630

The world’s fastest printers, with excellent expandability, advanced reproducibility and durability.   Riso ComColor has unrivalled expertise in the manufacture, installation and after-care of printing solutions bespoke to your business requirements.

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Riso Digital Silk Screen Maker Goccopro QS2536

Riso Dry Thermal Screen Making System is set to become the new screen printing standard. No emulsion, dark room or film positives required. There’s no need, either, for light exposure processing or wash out.

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Duplo DC-618 Slitter Cutter Creaser

Duplo DC series combine Slitter Cutter Creaser into an all-in-one digital finishing solutions designed to trim white borders and crease fold lines in documents to eliminate toner cracking in a single pass.

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ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS

Transform your digitization process with ScanRobot® – the most advanced automatic book scanner on the market. Featuring a unique V-Shape cradle, touch-free page turning, and patented capturing system, it’s suitable for any bound material.
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