Boway manufacture a wide range of Electric Paper Guillotine, Hydraulic Paper Guillotine, Perfect Binder, Roll Laminator and Semi-Automatic Paper Creasing Machine. Based in Hangzhou China, Boway manufactured and export their product to Europe, Middle East and various parts of the world.

Roll Laminator

  • Model: F650, F350
  • Infrared Sensor Paper Feeding: auto-stop to avoid lamination film curling at roller
  • Lamination film bursting
  • Adjustable tension with cold lamination
  • Digital control
  • 18 level of de-curling with cooling fan
  • 1″ or 3″ core
  • Auto Feed (Depend on model)
  • Auto Burst (Depend on model)
  • Film rewinder: For cold lamination and foil sleeking (Depending on model)
  • Paper width up to 650mm (F650) and 350mm (F350)
  • Paper thickness up to 400gsm (Depend on model)


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