Riso CV3230

  • Improves productivity by handling B4-size documents
  • Print Image Resolution: 300 dpi x 600 dpi
  • Print Speed: 130 sheets per minutes
  • Print paper weight: 50 – 157 gsm


Product Advantages


RISO is renowned globally for the reliability of its digital duplicators. With products employed in over 180 countries and regions, RISO has been successfully meeting all user requirements by constantly listening to feedback from its customer and users in order to continually improve its product. The RISO CV3230 is the results of valuable insights and RISO’s in-house R&D. It Provide all the benefits that customers desired including cost- and time-saving combined with ease of operation, superior print quality and a user friendly design. RISO CV3230 delivers Customer Value, like no other equipment it its class.

  • Intuitive Operation and Compact design models providing satisfying printing quality of documents up to B4 size at high speed of 130ppm meeting customer’s value for sophisticated, yet convenient and cost-effective printing.
  • Print image resolution: 300 dpi x 600 dpi
  • Print paper weight: 50 – 157 gsm
  • Print paper Size: 100 x 148mm to 297mm x 420mm
  • Print Speed: 130 sheets per minutes (five steps variable – 60, 80,100, 120, 130) , nonstop printing a 1,000-sheet printing job can be done in just 8 minutes, so tight deadlines are no problem.
  • Provides top-quality printing with the ease of operating a copier or office printer, so your employees need no special technical skills to operate the machine.
  • Print just what you need, when you need it. Send the print command from a PC connected by USB or LAN and you can print immediately.
  • Just turn the power on and you can start working right away. Masters are ready in just 35 seconds
  • Copy can be sent directly from your computer to the RISO Digital Duplicator, so there is no image degradation. The original copy is faithfully reproduced.
  • No need to clean the drum, so you can quickly move on to your next job.
  • High processing printing is achieved by using a higher-resolution thermal head head which is normally employed in higher models where the new light source delivers improved color reproducibility of Red and Bright Red and also the tonality and resolution have been improved at the highlight range to enhanced error diffusion.
  • Resolution, fine line details can be clearly reproduced retaining legibility while preventing moire.
  • Automatically compensates for newspaper originals or originals made on recycle paper, removing the background greyness so your output always has a clear, white background.
  • The Paper tray have a Input capacity of 1,000 sheets (110mm height) and Output capacity of 800 sheets (90mm heights)(66 – 80 gsm) for feeding & receiving.
  • Versatile paper handling capacity, wide range of uncoated paper types such as recycle paper, coarse paper, cards and envelopes
  • There are 21 RISO Ink colors and 50 custom colors available. In addition, customers can custom order specific colors, such as their corporate color.
  • In contrast to offset printing machines that can take 45 minutes to an hour to change color ink, RISO Digital Duplicator lets you change the ink in just a few seconds.