Riso Digital Screen Maker Goccopro 100

  • Easy operation as if using a printer
  • Basic model capable for making a long-length screen


Product Advantages

Goccopro 100

Enable screens to be made and then stretched effortlessly onto frames with simple operations very similar to using a printer.

Compact in size, it is capable of making screens up to 800mm in length.

  • Simplified screen making process as if using a printer
  • No special skill required at any step including stretching
  • Long-length screen, up to 800mm


The Goccopro 100 for easy electrolytic etching

Electrolytic etching uses electrolysis to mark metal surfaces.

Together with the Goccopro 100, this expands the services you can offer, especially short-run making.

  • Making a metal surface using a Goccopro 100- exposed screen

  • Electrolytically-etched samples (stainless steel)


Digital Screen Making Process

1) Create your artwork

2) Press the start button

3) Stretch imaged screen on frame