Riso Digital Screen Maker Goccopro QS2536

  • Available for automatic T-shirt screen printer
  • Precise image quality and accurate registration


Product Advantages

Goccopro QS2536

Precise registration enables full and multi-color printing. Capable of reproducing photographic images with great details over conventional screen printing.

  • Large-sized frame (25” x 36”) available even for automatic T-shirt screen printer
  • Perforation density 1200 dpi
  • Full color printing/ Multi color printing
  • Maximum image area : 457mm x 759mm (18” x 30”)


Digital Screen making process

RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making System is a CTS* system with a thermal head that heat-perforates a screen master of mesh laminated with film.

Enables low-cost, speedy screen making even for sample and small-lot production, and across a wide range of jobs, from multi-color T-shirts to name plates.


Environmentally aware

  • Less electricity consumed
  • No waste water generated
  • Powder coated body
  • No use of solvents