Kobra SSD

  • Special two stage shredding system
  • Security level reaches and exceeds NSA/EPL 9-12
  • Special HEPA air filtration system
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Product Advantages

Kobra SSD

Kobra SSD is a Solid State Drive shredder capable of destroying solid state drives, smartphones, memory sticks, iPads, USB memory devices, pen drives, tablets, circuit boards, credit cards and ID cards with embedded electronic chip and/or magnetic media, CDs/DVDs, flash memory IC chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and/or flash memory equipped with an exclusive two stage of distruction system (HS Model).

Kobra SSD reaches and exceeds NSA/EPL 9-12 requirements for the destruction of solid state devices and shredded material is reduced to sand-like texture particles (HS Model). Kobra SSD-HS has been approved by NSA and meet the requirements of NSA/CSS Specifications for Solid State Devices Distruction.


Kobra SSD is equipped with an integrated internal state-of-the-art vacuum system with an HEPA air filtration system to insure a clean, safe and comfortable operating environment
Easy access 240×25 mm feed port is designed with a safety brush covering the complete opening for safety and ease of feed operation. Lockable feed hopper cover prevents unauthorized access to the contents of the hopper once material is fed into the machine.
Up to 6 staples can be applied to one set for 2-up or 3-up production; it also features fully automatic settings for different book size and pagination, including variable stitch-leg length for varying book thickness.


  • EXCLUSIVE SHREDDING TECHNOLOGY : with two stages of destruction to pulverize solid state drives (HS Model)
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY MOTOR : can save a considerable electrical energy cost
  • SECURITY LEVEL : reaches and exceeds NSA/EPL 9-12: reducing shredded material in sand-like texture particles (HS Model)
  • SPECIAL HEPA AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM : to insure a clean and safe operating environment
  • SAFETY STOP : for bin access door, air filtration system, access door and feed hopper
  • LIGHTED INDICATOR DISPLAYS : keep the operator informed on machine’s operating status
  • EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH : stop immediately all machine functions