Duplo DSC 10/20 Floor Model Suction Collator

  • 10 bin per tower
  • Maximum twin tower of 20 bin
  • Up to SRA3 paper size
  • 7,200 sets per hour


Product Advantages

Duplo DSC 10/20 Floor Model Suction Collator

Duplo DSC 10/20 suction is a mid range suction collator. Creating a perfect combination for productivity, value, and durability, the Duplo DSC-10/20 air suction paper collators can connect up to a maximum of 2 towers forming a 20 bin belt suction collator.

Utilizing Duplo’s proven suction feed system, the Duplo DSC-10/20 allows for gentle handling of a wide range of applications not possible with friction feed collators. Each bin comes equipped with two adjustable fans for consistent and accurate feeding while a large pickup area of the belt suction feed system ensures that even slick coated, curled, and high static digital prints are fed consistently.


Superior Feeding Duplo DSC-10/20 Suction Collator

The Duplo DSC-10/20 suction collators have built-in resilience, with a dual-fan technology and air management system that can be fine-tuned for each independent bin. One fan in each bin provides even air separation, while a second generates a vacuum for the belt suction feeder, ensuring that sheet feeding is efficient and reliable.


User-friendly Duplo DSC-10/20 Control panel

Just four simple steps are required to set up jobs using the control panels on the Duplo DSC10/20 and collator towers, both of which are extremely easy to use, requiring very little training.

  • Up to 20 bins with twin tower configurations
  • Collate up to 7,200 sets per hour
  • Intuitive Color LCD touch panel
  • No AIR COMPRESSOR needed
  • Unique belt suction feeding system
  • Up to 157 gsm paper weight
  • Multiple collation mode such as block mode